i have like 7 webkinz though and if theyre that cheap i will buy more. fueling my lifelong virtual pet obsession





Dedicated to all te children who were most likely born from 1995-2003 who spent all their money on the cute cuddley webkinz.
Our vengence has finally come!

you have got to be shitting me good lord jesus

We used to pay 20$ each for these

I have 30+ of these things, each costing $19.99. This post makes me so angry.

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kids today will never understand, how real the struggle was when: u have mashed potatoes in your shoes

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soos playing a dating sim

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sonic ppl I need your help. there was an audio post forever ago that was like that one comic book cover where Sally yells “SONIC u just played the minute waltz in SEVEN SECONDS” and someone had literally sped it up to seven seconds and it was rly funny and my friend wants to hear it. someone needs to have this post saved

tbh the world needs more aro/ace characters and headcanons for characters