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its so funny when white cis males whine on tumblr about getting called sucky keep calling them names bc its so funny to see them get upset. nothin weaker and more pathetic than the cis male ego

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holy cow u guys i just drew myself and i had this idea to put the doodle next to this picture i drew of myself in 2012 (frankly i think it looks really gross now) look @ how far we’ve come

billybuckaroo replied to your post: i dont even get the metaphor thing lik…


OHH OKAY ive never really cared for john green so i didnt understand… thank u

i dont even get the metaphor thing like why is it funny to so many ppl and where did it come from

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goodbye forever

idk sorry for talkin about politics bc i honestly dont know anything and i dont really like anyone involved in politics bc theyre all shitty in one way or another but gosh dang i just get mad seein ppl support republicans on my dash because its like. who are u. how do u BENEFIT from the things those people do

hearin ppl complain about democratic presidents/presidential candidates and while im not super passionate about politics and i recognize that all of them have Serious Flaws im pretty sure anything is better than having greedy fuckin white male republicans in charge

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hey please help me get rid of these gyroids i have too many